Secret Blood

May 19, 2012
Award winning author, Don Stansberry, writes a daring novel about cloning Jesus that rivals any bestseller in the stores. Written with flair and page turning twists and turns, this amazing story will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you question that which you think you know. From the Beatles, Central Park, and Cleveland to a TV evangelist and the Oval Office, this remarkable story hits home with real questions about current technology and the men who control it.

A covert CIA operation has achieved the unthinkable, the cloning of Jesus Christ. Is this an abomination of everything we hold holy or is it part of a divine plan set in motion two thousand years ago?

These are the questions a floundering priest must ask as he is catapulted into an event that will impact the course of history. Journals left after confession are proof enough, but when the FBI breaks into the church office, he takes the evidence and goes underground. Aided by a fellow priest, his seminary instructor, and members of a reforming street gang, the journey takes him all the way to the Oval office where the President’s chief of staff takes it upon himself to find the clone.

Simultaneously, scientists discover an object forming in deep space. It’s behavior follows no known laws of physics. Nicknamed The Ghost by CNN, it has the ability to disappear then reappear light years away. Only a select group of astronomers know that it is on a collision course with Earth. The President’s Chief of Staff is the only person to have knowledge of both situations and soon realizes the presence of Christ and the detection of The Ghost are parts of the same event.

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